How We Roll

In the campground where we are currently staying in Arizona there was a Christmas sing along featuring a karaoke machine loaded with holiday songs. This made for an interesting sing-along since somebody had to be on stage with the karaoke microphone to lead the songs.  (We sang along but didn’t take a turn at the mike.) There was also a potluck dinner on Christmas day.

Spending the Christmas holidays in an RV campground can be an interesting experience. Especially when you are far away from family, as we are in the winter. We have done it three times now, once in Florida, once in South Carolina, and once in Arizona. As you can imagine, these places are not winter wonderlands. There is no snow. There are palm trees. Or Saguaros. And lots of sand.

People living in campgrounds still decorate though. They put out lights and decorate the palm trees. We put up our traditional fake tree, but we put it outside since there is no room for it inside our tiny space. 

There are usually local holiday events you can attend if you want to mix it up. In South Carolina, there is a holiday parade of boats in the Charleston harbor. Everyone gathers on the docks at dusk to watch the gaily decorated boats drive past. Barbecue, holiday desserts, and drinks are available for sale.

In Arizona, we drove a short way from our campground to Glendale for the free walk-through festival, Glendale Glitters. They light up sixteen blocks in ‘historic downtown Glendale’ and offer bouncy houses and a petting zoo for the kids. There are craft and food booths as well as a schedule of shows on stage. There is also a family-friendly movie shown on an outside screen. We found a great little Italian restaurant across the street but that’s another story.

A group of people meet every year during the holidays at the campground where we stayed in Florida. They do meals and parties together, and others can join if they want to. RVers are very friendly. There was also a holiday parade through the campground consisting of decorated golf carts (and Santa) to add to the festivities. 

So, don’t imagine that spending the holidays in a campground is a sad state of affairs. It can be whatever you want to make it. For us, it’s been fun.

Many people come to a campground near their families. (Campgrounds are actually inexpensive places to stay compared to hotels.) So they are gone a lot of the time visiting. But others, like us, stay put. Some get together with other RVers for potlucks and other holiday activities. Some just hang out and watch Christmas movies and eat.

This year we added two of those artsy metal trees to make a threesome of trees. It was cute, especially since we lost a piece to our artificial tree and could only use two of the three sections, so it was kind of short. But the new height seemed to compliment the two new trees, so that is now our ‘new look’.

An RV Christmas

Another attraction in the area is the Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park. The park is lavishly decorated with lights and you can drive through or park and walk through for a small fee. There are huge fire pits where you can roast marshmallows and make s’mores or sip hot chocolate. They also set up a portable rock-climbing wall and last year there was an art show featuring student art from local schools.