How We Roll

One more thing I should mention…we bought an electric heater that looks like a fireplace inside a flat-screen TV. (It saves a lot on propane and makes our living room ultra cozy.) I’m sure we’ll come up with more ideas as we go. Maybe curtains will be next. Are we classy or what?

Customizing Our Ride

Let’s be honest. Most motor homes look like hotel rooms. They are nice…but  not personal. If we are going to live in this space, we have to like it. We can’t paint. We can’t even put any art on the walls. The flooring and cabinets are nice, but even if they weren’t, replacing them would be expensive. So what can we do to customize our ride? Well, as it turns out…lots of things. 
The first thing we did was replace the mattress on the bed. The one that came with the rig was just not comfortable. The previous owner had added a piece of 2-inch foam, but it didn’t help that much. So we ditched the mattress, kept the foam, and added a memory foam mattress. When that wasn’t quite enough, we added a memory foam topper. Apparently 3 is the magic number for bedding. It’s super comfortable and a lot cheaper than a sleep number bed!
Motor homes use space really well, so the bed fits in its nook very snugly. We found it difficult to tuck in the edges of the bedspread at the head of the bed. So I made a custom bedspread by cutting squares out of each corner at the head of the bedspread and refinishing the edges. It now fits inside the nook without any hassle and making the bed is a snap. Maybe I should start a business on the side…
The next things we tackled were the two televisions; we removed one above the dash and one in the bedroom. They were old fashioned tube-type televisions and we had a hard time getting rid of them even though they worked perfectly (I guess everyone wants a flat screen) so we ended up recycling them at Best Buy. We finished the interior of the hole left by the television over the dash and put our wireless printer there. The TV in the bedroom was replaced by a file box where we keep our records.
Then there was the couch. It was a hide-a-bed, but really not comfortable to sit on for any length of time. So we took it out. We searched online and found two small recliners and put them where the couch had been. When we are stationary, we pull them out so they have enough room to recline. When we are moving we put them back and buckle them in with the seat belts that had been behind the couch. The recliners are comfortable enough that I have fallen asleep in mine...several times.
We wanted to keep our big flat-screen television, so Boo designed a metal table for it that bolts tothe floor and the TV bolts to the table. There was originally a chair in that spot (behind the passenger seat) so floor plates (to bolt to) were already there. He also built a smaller wooden table that fits in a slot and stands in front of the motor home door, so we can slide the TV over and have a good view from both recliners. There is even a coat rack built in behind the flat screen.