How We Roll

Forever Downsizing

Downsizing is not something that is once and done. In a motor home, it is a continual process. We are constantly adjusting our things to fit our space. This could be smaller…that could be replaced…we could use one of those.
I’m sure there will be more adjustments as we go along. But we’re starting to feel that we actually know what we are doing. Of course, whenever I say something like that, I find ten ways we are still incompetent. :) I’ll keep you posted.
…or a portable barbecue. We love to barbecue and cook that way a lot when the weather is warm (which it always is because we follow the sun). We needed one that was sturdy enough to withstand Boo’s cooking style (hot and saucy) and small enough to fit in a basement compartment. We found one at Home Depot that meets our needs. So we get it out and set it up on a picnic table when we are parked and put it away when we travel.
…or Boo’s workspace. You may or may not know that Boo is a cartoonist (he says “amateur cartoonist”). He works on his cartoons while I do my writing. But there isn’t enough space at the “kitchen” table for both work spaces. So he sets up a card table (one of the things that escaped both the apartment sale and the storage unit) a chair and a lamp and gets out his tub o’ supplies. It works well when we are both working and is easy to put away beside (chair) and behind (table) the driver’s seat when we are stationary or back in the bedroom when we are traveling.
…like an outdoor space. It’s nice to have a welcoming entry way no matter where you are. Also we found that we were tracking a lot of dirt into the motor home every time we went outside and came back in. So we got a recycled plastic “rug” that we can put outside. (We found it at Camping World.) It defines a space where we can put a picnic table (if there is one) and set out portable camp chairs. It also keeps the dirt out because we walk on it (as well as a rubberized mat) before entering the house. Both the rug and mat are easy to fold and are small enough when folded to fit in a basement compartment when we travel.
…or a squeegee for the shower. We had a good one, but it was too wide for the panels in the shower, so we had to drag it sideways rather than top to bottom. I know it’s a small thing, but it was very annoying. Boo finally found one in the bathroom section at Home Depot. 
And things need to be portable; easy to set up and take down…
…like a coffee pot. A regular sized pot-doesn’t fit anywhere (in a cupboard or drawer) when it’s time to travel. And you can’t leave appliances sitting out on a counter. They WILL fall off and break. So we found a neat solution. We got a small coffee maker that makes one cup at a time. And it is small enough to fit in the sink while the motor home is moving. Problem solved.
…or a water filter. Our refrigerator isn’t high-tech enough to have a water filter built into it. And there just isn’t enough room in the small fridge to keep a pitcher of cold water (with a Britta filter in it) like we used to do. We tried attaching a filter to the faucet but the switch was difficult to turn and the whole mechanism was in the way (it’s a very small sink). We finally found a little portable filter that sits on the counter when not in use and stores easily in the sink when traveling. You just place it over the cup or whatever you’re filling with water and run water through it.
…or a side table to go between the recliners. That took some research because we needed one that was 24 inches high and no more than 12 inches wide. We also wanted it to have a drawer to store the remotes for the TV, DVD player, and Bose radio. And a bottom shelf. Oh, and we didn’t want it to be too heavy or cost a fortune. (We’re kind of picky aren’t we?) We finally found one that met all of our criteria at I love that site.
There are just some things that need to be smaller in a motor home…