All in all, the Low Country is a very interesting place with lots to recommend it. We are westerners at heart so we don’t really want to live here, but it is a great place to visit.

Since it’s been fall and winter most of the time we have been here, we haven’t had a large problem with bugs…yet. But people around here spray regularly, so we are gearing up for bug control. Big bugs. Lots of big bugs. Like carpenter bees and banana spiders. And there are really small bugs too, (no-see-ums) whose bites itch like crazy…like you have been attacked by really large mosquitoes. But bugs will likely be a story for another blog.

If you are a seafood lover, this is definitely a sea-foodie (new word) destination. Fresh seafood is everywhere. One of our favorite restaurants is The Grill and Island Bar in Folly Beach where we found four of the best shrimp dishes we have ever tasted. But we’ve also found other genres of food we love here, such as A Taste of Thai (delicious authentic Thai food) and The Mellow Mushroom (pizza for everyone, including non-dairy and gluten-free).

But once you get to your destination, you forget all the traffic. There are magical places here. Historic plantations that reveal what life was like in the antebellum South. Hiking trails through thick forests filled with trees trailing Spanish moss and sheltering beautiful tropical flowers. Swamplands that are so green with algae you can barely see the alligators swimming in them. Beaches where you can walk on warm sand, soak up some sun, or try surfing or paddle boarding.

And a lot of churches. (I’m not if sure those have anything to do with the accidents.) Have you ever been in a place where one of the posted traffic signs just says, Church? Not a specific church or denomination…just letting you know there is a church coming up. Jessica says this is in case of emergency, like a sign that says Hospital.  :)

There has been a recent population influx, so you have small town infrastructure with big city traffic. There are not many roads with shoulders, almost no walking or biking paths, and cars that go way too fast for the conditions. So there are a lot of accidents. And a lot of advertisements for accident lawyers. 

The Low Country is actually a geographic region along South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. But people around here also use it to define a tourist destination (visit the Low Country!). It is usually warm, always humid, and beautiful in a marshy-swampy-beachy kind of way. You can’t go anywhere without crossing a bridge.

We have been living in the Low Country for almost five months now. We love some things about it and don’t love some things about it, but can’t deny it is a fascinating place.

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