Move the driver seat to the foremost position.
If the above instructions are not followed,the risk of leaks will occur.
We managed to get the carpet dried out and the weather took a turn for the better. So Boo decided we could live on the level again. At this point, he reread the directions on leveling the motor home. (I’m sure we had read them early on, but sometimes directions don’t stick until something happenms.) Actually, it was a posted warning that said:
So we followed the directions exactly when we leveled the motor home this time. And at first it seemed to be working. Did I mention the motor home had never leaked before our Northwest adventure? Well, during our final two weeks in Washington, it rained buckets several more times. And the carpet did get wet again, but once again Boo tilted the motor home and once again we lived on a slant for days. 
Some might think that living in a motor home day in and day out would get old after a while. Boring even. They would be wrong. We have things to do, places to go, mysteries to solve.
Water is the enemy.” Boo Drury

In the meantime, we went outside and looked at the seals around the slide out. We couldn’t see a problem. Boo measured inside and outside to find the right level that the water might be coming in. We couldn’t see a probable place for a leak but he sealed around the window outside with silicone anyway.
He also put silicone on a horizontal seam that seemed a likely suspect. (In fact, he gets a little silicone happy and I assume that at some point the entire exterior of the motor home will be covered with silicone.)
It worked (the carpet stayed dry), but we still haven’t actually fixed the leak. Maybe we’ll miraculously discover what’s causing it and fix it once and for all. Doesn���t seem likely, though. Fortunately, we are headed for Arizona next, so maybe we won’t have to deal with it for a while.
One day, after a particularly heavy rain (yes, we were in Western Washington) we noticed that the carpet was soaked all around the forward corner of the living room slide out. We naturally thought it came in from the window above and dripped down. But we couldn’t find any evidence of drippage (is that a word?) around the window, or on the wall. 

The Mystery of the Leaky Floor

Remove the travel locks from the slide room.
We soaked up as much water as we could with towels and then set a fan to blow warm air on it. It took days to dry out. We wanted to get it dry so we could pay more attention to it during the next rain storm and try to determine where it was coming in.
We recently had a bona fide mystery. In fact, we haven’t solved it yet. Where’s Sherlock Holmes when you need him?
Maybe we’ll win the lottery and buy a new motor home…if we can afford a ticket after Boo buys all the silicone. :)
Then Boo decided that we should tilt the motor home with the leak side lower, so if rain did come in, it would run back out. That was exciting. We spent 3 days living on a slant. (We were working all the angles of this mystery.) The good news was that the motor home slanted so that the foot of the bed was lower than the head, so at least we weren’t sleeping with our heads in a ditch.
Before the carpet was completely dry it rained again. We tried to see where it was coming from, but couldn’t find the leak. We didn’t think the carpet was any wetter, but it was hard to tell. And another storm was brewing.
Level the unit with the hydraulic leveling system.

How We Roll