Then Debbie put the parents in another room and brought out the puppies. We sat on the floor and played with them while she answered all of our questions. Boo said I should pick one out. I had an early affinity with one of the females. She was black with the phantom brown coloring on her face, feet, and belly. She seemed mellow compared to some of the others and for me, the decision was a no-brainer.

How We Roll

The puppies were turning 8 weeks old (that’s when they usually go to their new homes) on the day we were scheduled to leave Arizona. Debbie said they were already weaned so she let us take our puppy, Abby, a little early and she provided us with Abby’s second puppy shot. We picked her up 10 days before we hit the road. 

We’d been talking about getting a dog for several years and had the gender and breed picked out. We had checked with lots of shelters and rescue operations but it seems that no one ever gives away or abandons our chosen breed: standard poodle. Especially females. We wanted to get a puppy so we could start at the beginning. Neither of us has ever raised a puppy. We’ve had older dogs, but no pups.

Well, I think I’ve already used up my recommended limit of words for one blog entry, so this will have to be an ongoing story. We will be living on the road for about the next 8 months, so we’ll see how Abby takes to being in new places all the time. 

When we got to San Diego we first met the parents: dad was mainly brown and mom was mainly black. The breeder, Debbie, said meeting the parents and seeing if they liked us was the test of whether she would sell to us or not. We passed the test, of course. We had been dog people without a dog for a long time.

We started house training Abby right away, which, if you’ve ever had a puppy, means that we trained ourselves to watch for signs of peeing or pooping behavior. We have been pretty successful so far. This is one area where living in a motor home has advantages. It’s a small space, so she’s pretty much always in our sights. Also, there are 2 of us and only one of her, so the odds are in our favor. Of course, she’s had accidents, but not very many. And we quickly found ways to eliminate the smell.

We were in Arizona when we made this decision and found a breeder we liked in San Diego, about a 5 hour drive from where we were. She had a litter that was about 6 weeks old, 3 females and 3 males. They were all black or brown with what is called “phantom” coloring. That means that they are predominately one color but have another color, mostly on parts of their faces and legs.

Well, we unexpectedly got a tax refund. That hasn’t ever happened. Maybe it’s because we’re full time vagabonds with no property and a very low-cost lifestyle. Whatever. We got this refund and it took us about a day to decide, “Let’s buy a puppy!”

Sooooo…we drove to San Diego to “look” at the puppies. Both of us claimed we were just looking, but that was a lie. We knew at least subconsciously that we would fall in love with of them. And that’s just what happened.

New Puppy on the Road!