How We Roll

The dream is starting to feel a little like a nightmare. Do I really want to do this???? I just keep working, finding places for things, cleaning. It feels like it will never end. But by the end of day 6, it’s actually starting to work. Then, my husband returns. Now there are two of us in the tiny space. Sigh. More adjustments. We’ll keep working on it.  We can do this!
What about that set of stainless steel pans that are indestructible? Will I be happy with lighter pans? Can I cook with the new silicone bake ware? I’ve been using glass and ceramic bake ware for so long. Isn’t it better? What about that new ceramic tart pan I just bought? Isn’t it wasteful to just get rid of it?
Yes! We “retired” from our jobs and bought the motor home. We would live our dreams. When we moved out of the 3-bedroom house into a 1-bedroom apartment, we downsized. This shouldn’t be so hard. Right? 
We have the motor home set up at our first site. We have gone through everything we own and sold or given away furniture, kitchen ware, clothes, shoes, knick knacks. We’ve reduced our home records from a 3-drawer file cabinet to one file box. We’ve taken everything to the motor home. It’s crammed in every conceivable space.
My husband has taken off in a rented truck to take the remaining few items we really want to keep to a storage facility where all of our “keeping stuff” will be stored (in one unit) for the duration of our wanderlust. 
So I’m by myself in the middle of this chaos. I just start somewhere. It seems obvious where the plates, cups, and bowls should go. So I put them there. I have saved 3 ceramic mugs that contain memories. All the rest of the collection had to go. (Ceramic and glass are heavy; there is a weight limit to the motor home when we start driving it.) 
Then I put away the mixing bowls and bake ware. When we left the apartment, I saved three spring-form pans in different sizes; when I see how much room they take up, I add two of them to the Goodwill pile.
What about that really great pair of shoes that went perfectly with 3 outfits in the past 4 years. Can I do without them? Will I have to change my style and be more casual? What if I want to look professional? What if I want to dress up? What about that dress I bought on my birthday but haven’t worn even once? 
What about that cut glass serving dish with the pink roses on it that was perfect for that party 7 years ago? What if another party comes along that it would be perfect for? Shouldn’t I keep it just in case? What about that vase from Mexico? Won’t I buy cut flowers ever again? 
Both my husband and I were ready to leave the corporate world and we had a plan. We would simplify our lives and hit the road. Sell the house.  Buy a motor home outright. No payments. No commitments. Go where we want. When we want… if we want… really? Could this be possible? 
Simplifying our lives is a good thing, right? We would be happier if we were not slaves to our possessions, our lifestyles, right?  What do we really need?

So You Think You Can Downsize?