And there’s a lot of stuff about RVs in the news. I want to show you a few of the fun ones I’ve found lately. 

And here is a new teardrop trailer (made in Woodinville, WA!) that is made of renewable materials and uses solar cells to make the trailer operate anywhere. So you can be environmentally responsible and free to go where and when you want.

You can also find TV shows about RVing. Two that I’ve watched recently are Going RV, and Flippin’ RVs

But anyway…there are a lot of people in motor homes and RVs on the road. According to a Recreational Vehicle Industry Association study in 2011, approximately 8.9 million households in the U.S. own an RV. That doesn’t mean they are all full-timers, but still. There are a lot of people thinking about it.

The RV Movement is alive and well…and growing. Being part of the movement makes us feel, well, cool. I guess you can call it a movement, although when I googled ‘RV movement’ I got a lot of advice on how to stabilize our RV so it doesn’t move. 

Flippin’ RVs is about a couple who search for old, dilapidated RVs and “restore them to their former glory.” Justin’s family trailer-camped when he was a child and he became fascinated with vintage travel trailers. His wife, Anna, loves interior design and mid-century history. Here’s a vintage RV kitchen they restored with stainless steel sinks and counter tops.

RVers are Taking Over the World

There are all kinds of magazines to inform you about RVing if you want to learn more. Check out RV Lifestyle, Changing Gears, or Fulltiming America.

They say that full-time RVers are getting younger too. In our experience, most of the people we see are older, retired couples. But we have seen younger (40s and 50s) people and the occasional family with kids living full-time on the road, or at least living in an RV in a campground.

Maybe you should join us. Then, you too can be cool while living on the road!

I found this trailer built from legos in an online magazine I subscribe to, If you click the link, you can see a picture gallery that shows the interior of the trailer which includes “running water, working lights and a place to lay your head.” It was on display at the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. 

Going RV spotlights “hardworking couples and families [who] decide to ditch ordinary daily life for an adventure out on the open road.” They show people with different sized budgets and different needs shopping for their rigs. It’s interesting to find out about all the options out there and what the inside of a motor home can be like. You also find out why the people on the show are buying RVs and how they plan to use them. Some get them for weekend and vacation adventures and some sell their houses and go full time.

In the same online magazine, I found a convertible RV. Really! You can see the driver and passenger seats just under the open convertible top. I want one.

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