How We Roll

We are getting used to living on an inclined plane though and I suspect that when we get back on the level, more inner-ear adjustments will be required to get us back to normal. However, we will watch the weather closely for reports of impending rain showers. Maybe next winter we will stay in Arizona, where rain isn’t an issue. :)

My computer desk (alias the “dining room” table) slants from left (up) to right (down). This generally works since I am right handed. My right arm rests on the table when I use the mouse and the desk calendar I write on is to the right of the computer. So having the right side lower than the left feels comfortable enough. Recently I decided to work on my computer in the evening while watching TV. This meant I needed to move the computer to the opposite side of the table in order to face the TV screen. So my right hand was up and my left was down. That felt really weird, like I was continuously on the verge of falling over. I had to give it up and move the computer back.

This pooling also happens in the shower where the drain is also on the high side of the incline. Unfortunately, a lot more water is involved in the shower and you end up standing in water while you take a shower. Then you are forced to squeegee the water up to the drain so it doesn’t cause the next shower-taker to step into cold standing water.

The kitchen sink is on the high side of the tilt and the drains in both basins are on the high side, so water pools on the low side. This means there is always standing water in the sink unless you move it toward the drain or soak it up with something. Fortunately, the rainy season in SC is winter, so we don’t have to worry about mosquito larva breeding in the standing water.​

When you live on a slant objects will roll or slide to the lowest point. So you can’t set down a pencil or any other rounded object without placing it carefully (or blocking it) or it will roll off. This is more problematic if the object is small, but even larger ones like an avocado or an onion will roll if you are not careful. The other day I accidentally knocked over a cup and it rolled off the counter and onto the floor. Boo says the advantage to this rolling is that if you lose something you know where to look…the low side wall. Ba-dum-bum

I mentioned in the Mystery Leak post that the head of our bed is on the high side of the incline. The problem is getting out of bed, especially in the dark. You are moving from high to low as you get out of bed and as anyone who’s taken a basic science course knows, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. That motion propels us to the wall on the low side. In our case, that wall is not very far away so it stops us before we can fall down. But still.

If you remember a previous blog post called Mystery Leak, you will know that tilting the motor home was Boo’s solution to water that would puddle in the forward corner of the living room slide out when it rained. And it did fix that problem. (Boo is a genius.) But fixing that problem definitely created another set of problems.

We have been living on a 2-4° incline (depending on your location in the motor home) for the past several weeks and I suspect my world will be tilted until the rainy season is over here in South Carolina. I know, 2-4° doesn’t seem like much of a tilt. But believe me, it makes a big difference to our equilibrium. I’ve kind of gotten used to it but little things throw me off balance (pun intended). 

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